Dear Dorothy :



It’s thanks to women like you that I am able to understand my purpose and share with you my most vulnerable self. I want that opportunity to continue not only for myself, but for YOU, and that’s why this platform was created, for us. This is a safe place for you and I to pour into each other and receive whatever it is in life that we are needing in that moment. With all the comparisons we make on a daily basis, it important to admit that no one on this planet has it all figured out because we’re all just a work in progress and THAT is the beauty I want us to highlight. You and I are enough because WE get to decide that, not because a quick scroll on our phone says we’re not. Let’s make a pact to forget what we’ve been taught to hide, and show up for ourselves, okay sister?


"To be a sister, you have to have a sister."


Rough Draft :



For the woman who can’t escape her 9-5… for the business woman who is searching for inspiration… and for the woman who isn’t sure what career path to take… this is for you. 

I’ve brought in more voices to unite with mine to connect with YOU — three cheers for more sisters! We are as equally a mouthpiece as we are an open ear, and we want to hear your story. 

Together we will be dissecting what it means to live happy and healthy by exploring the triumphs and defeats we’ve experienced as female entrepreneurs. This conversation series includes hands-on workshops, business inspiration, and encouragement for your daily life while remaining on the pulse of vulnerability. We want to get you off your couch and into our space to experience the Rough Draft state of mind because that’s where the good stuff is. Raw, unfiltered, you and us. Not, the “perfect”, final draft version - because does that really exist?


"Lets bridge the gap between success and failure."

Signed Ciara :



Dear beautiful, current entrepreneurs and future business owners,

If you were waiting for a sign, this is it! As you are reading this, I bet you can think of a time that you had a brilliant idea that was quickly let go because it seemed too far out of reach…but those exact ideas are what we should be encouraged to chase after most! Now, if you’re currently chasing the dream and have hit a plateau, do. not. give. up. Whether you're a maker, chaser, doer, or all three, I want to give you the tools that will help you start or revamp your vision for your current or future business, so that you can focus on your craft. Let’s be honest, there is incredible amounts of work that goes into developing a brand, so having a helping hand that will encompass your everyday values into your product or service isn’t a bad idea! Let us customize a unique experience for you and bring those brilliant ideas to life, okay boss?!

Signed, Ciara